Kids In Private School In NYC

New York City is a mecca for public and private schools alike, and of course a central hub for people of all different walks of life. In some parts of the city, private schools seem to be more of the norm for many families, and while thousands of kids successfully go through the private school system every year, there are several underlying issues that tend to get pushed under the rug more often than not.

Granted, both private and public school systems have their fair share of positive and negative attributes. For the most part, deciding what kind of school your children will go to is purely a matter of preference. But, let’s take a quick, closer look at how private schools in NYC can affect a child, and a family, on a daily basis.

Financial Issues

First and foremost, a big difference between private and public school is the cost. If money isn’t an issue for you or your family, private school could be a viable option. However, there are often underlying, hidden costs that pop up from time to time (including uniforms, class trips, etc.) that you should consider before sending your child to a private institution.


The competition factor in private schools can be extremely intense, and that isn’t limited to only sports. In fact, academia is likely to be placed higher on the scale of importance than anything else. There can be constant pressure to be on top, or stay ahead of the game in school work, and while there is no problem in pushing your child to be their best, the constant competitive nature to be ‘better’ than other kids can be exhausting for everyone involved.


That same competitive nature can also lead to a very stressful experience for kids going through private school. Every day, there are certain standards and expectations to be met, and instead of pushing kids to be their personal best, those expectations set a bar that tend to make students believe that anything less than the top standard simply isn’t good enough.

This is a problem that can create self-esteem issues, and even cause young children to fall into a sort of depression if they feel as though they can’t quite fit into societal or social norms, based on their daily surroundings.

Is An NYC Private School Right For You?

As a whole, sending your child to a private school certainly isn’t a bad choice, and the purpose of this brief article isn’t to criticize private schools for what they offer. Children can get a fantastic education at many private schools, and go on to live fulfilling, successful lives. But, before you automatically assume a private school would be a better choice than a public school, it’s important to weigh out every single option for you, and your child, to make sure it’s the kind of fit you’re looking for in shaping your child’s future.