Being A Single Woman In NYC

We stereotype the world of singledom as something freeing, funny, and at the same time, unfortunate. From television shows about the struggles of dating, and even movies about how ‘awful’ it is to be single, it seems to come tenfold for women. This can be especially true for women living in a large, bustling city like New York.

Being a single woman in NYC can be more of a struggle than most people realize. While there are plenty of dating resources available, and certainly plenty of people available, it’s not always as easy as people tend to think.

So Many People, So Little Interaction

New Yorkers as a whole have a sort of niche for being a people on the move, and that oftentimes means most people are in their own little world, not ready and willing to be ‘bothered’ by a conversation. If you live in NYC, you’ve probably noticed someone before on the subway, or waiting for a cab that you’d be interested in talking to, but they’re likely on their phone, or have earbuds in their ears. There might be a lot of people, but striking up a conversation isn’t easy when everyone’s distracted in some way.

At the same time, people outside of NYC tend to think that every borough is linked closely together. Unfortunately, when you’re in the city you realize that’s not true, and if you meet someone in a different borough from you, it can be a struggle to so much as get together for coffee, let alone form a relationship.

The World Of Online Dating

With so many single people in New York, it’s not uncommon for women to join dating sites, or apps, like Tinder or OKCupid. While this can help when it comes to meeting some new and interesting people, the struggle begins when expectations aren’t met. With so many profiles to search through just to find someone with common interests, a single woman in NYC might never be able to get past the surface of someone’s dating profile to get to know the real them.

Being The Third Wheel

Being a single woman in New York City doesn’t always have to be something negative. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be the only one of your friends without a relationship, and you certainly don’t want to be the ‘third wheel’ on any dates, but most people who live in the city are there for specific purposes. The opportunities in New York are endless, and by diving into your career, a social life with friends, or additional hobbies and interests, being single can take a backburner until the right person comes along. By focusing on yourself, and the things you enjoy about the city, there’s an even better chance that you’ll meet someone who enjoys the same things, when you least expect it. It may sound a bit serendipitous, but New York is the city of dreams, after all!