Alice Shepard, Psychologist, Ph.D.

Alice Shepard, Ph.D.
Director & Therapist

Alice has been a therapist for over ten years. She completed training at Barnard College, Columbia Medical Center, and Columbia University’s Counseling & Psychological Services. She is a graduate of Brown University and the City University of New York Graduate Center.

License: 018801-1, New York



Erica Mahoney MHC-LP

Erica Mahoney MHC-LP

Erica has experience working with clients to address body, self-esteem issues, and clinical perfectionism. She specializes in helping women with significant life transitions including relationship concerns, motherhood, career, academic and cultural adjustment. Originally from North Carolina, Erica has a gregarious, kind, and accepting demeanor that helps one to feel at ease. Erica’s work utilizes evidence-based interventions including CBT, DBT, trauma-informed, and psycho-educational approaches. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University in Colorado.

New York State Permit Number: 009412-02

Alba Vega

Alba Vega, LMHC

Alba is a Spanish and English bilingual therapist with experience in psychiatric rehabilitation, individual therapy, career counseling, couples therapy, and group counseling. She has experience in a range of outpatient settings. Alba enjoys working with a diverse group of people and aims to adjust each session to the client’s needs. Alba received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from The State University of New York at Albany.

License: 008565-1, New York

Emily Chernow Therapist

Emily Chernow, Licensed Psychotherapist

Emily believes individuals are a culmination of their life experiences and should be treated as such. Working with Emily, you can expect to explore your past and present experiences and how they influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. She has an extensive background in attachment theory research and received psychodynamic training at the Training Institute for Mental Health. Emily specializes in young adults dealing with queer issues, life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety and depression. Emily received her Master’s degree from New York University.

License No: 113453, New York


Emma Fessler, LCSW-R

Emma is a senior clinician who has worked in a variety of outpatient settings including mental health clinics, schools, and hospitals. She has expertise in helping survivors of sexual assault, the chronically ill, and mediating between adult children and their parents. Emma is dedicated to helping women who are going through important transitions in their lives.

License: 022566 New, York

Sonia Byrd, Psy.D. LMHC Therapist

Sonia Byrd, Psy.D., LMHC, Therapist

Sonia is a senior clinician who specializes in helping women mediate challenging family and relationship issues to reduce stress and improve self-confidence. She has extensive experience working with a range of therapeutic concerns. Sonia has additional training in mindfulness. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and her Doctorate from Yeshiva University.

License: 002835-01

Jyoti Manchandani, Psy.D.

Jyoti Manchandani, Psy.D.

Dr. Jyoti Manchandani is an experienced clinician who addresses issues core to one’s identity and self-esteem. She collaborates with clients to enhance relationships, improve coping skills and develop satisfying goals. Jyoti is kind, passionate, and sincerely committed to helping women achieve their fullest potential.

License number 017596 


Gloriane Roberson, LMSW

Gloriane has spent the majority of her professional career helping women and youth work through trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety, and depression.  She believes in providing a non judgmental and supportive therapeutic experience as a pathway for growth and development. Gloriane has a particular focus on supporting self-determination, empowerment and harm reduction. She completed her Bachelors’ and Master’s degrees at Adelphi University.

License: 081295


Kendall Contri, MHC-LP

Kendall is experienced working with women going through significant life transitions. She has additional training with substance dependence, and in helping women navigate career concerns. With her empathic and warm demeanor Kendall easily creates a strong connection with her clients. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Lafayette College and her master’s degree at Long Island University

License: P116058. 

Emily Heimberger, Clinic Coordinator

Emily Heimberger, Clinic Coordinator

Emily received her bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University. She is currently pursuing her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University. She aspires to empower women who desire to make important changes in their lives.

Heather Nelson, B.A.

Heather Nelson, B.A.
Financial Manager

Heather is a graduate of Syracuse University where she majored in marketing. She has previously worked in financial services for HBO & Lord & Taylor.


Jennifer Durso

Jennifer is a mental health counselor. She obtained her Master’s degree from New York University. She possesses over three years of doctoral training in school psychology, which is expertise in improving students’ learning and behavior. She also has experience with counseling college students. Jennifer is passionate about using a strengths-based and holistic approach to empower women. She specializes in areas such as anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, body image challenges, eating disorders, health and wellness, LGBTQ, depression, career issues, family concerns, dating/relationships, and identity development. She values breaking the stigmas around therapy and mental health by making clients feel comfortable, excited about creating change, and actively involved in their treatment process.

License: Coming Soon

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